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What is R1 Titanium?



Make your car more enjoyable, lighter, better sounding and 
more powerful.  Pure driving fun.
Twenty years ago, the best tuners in the world always gave me this advice.


The R1 TITAN for JZA80, which made the R1 TITAN famous, weighs 4.8 kg for the genuine 19.7 kg, the R1000 with integrated catalyst straight for the circuit weighs 6.2 kg for the genuine 28 kg, and the R1 TITAN for the JZX100 weighs 5.7 kg for the genuine 24 kg. Just by replacing the muffler, we have achieved a weight reduction of about 20 kg.

Attention was paid to the improvement of output, sound quality and visuals, but at the same time, it succeeded in tremendous weight reduction.

In 2003, when the Nissan Fairlady Z33 went on sale, the silencer capacity increased due to volume restrictions and increased displacement and output of the engine itself, and since then the parallel cannonball silencer has become the main layout of the R1 TITAN.

It wasn't easy to complete, but we asked the skilled workers of the manufacturing factory and everyone who were looking in the same direction to make prototypes, and repeated trial runs on Dynapac and the circuit, and completed one by one as a product.

The reason why actual driving is important is that in order to measure power under the same conditions on the mechanical device, the output can be measured only when the gear is fully open.

However, the response evaluation that cannot be expressed numerically, such as the response at the moment when the accelerator is depressed from the half throttle and the force to move forward, the response when the accelerator is fully closed to fully open and the reaction of the car, is very important for the driver.

In addition, the merit part of the sensitivity evaluation definitely leads to the improvement of performance, which is fed back to the product and proved from the time-up of the circuit.


In 2018, with the dawn of a new era, R1 TITAN will evolve further.

Since installing R1TITAN on JZX100 20 years ago, those who have been looking at R1TITAN on the side for a long time are a professional of titanium material and a skilled worker who still manufactures R1TITAN every day from the first R1TITAN. And with the cooperation of the latest materials and the latest equipment they have selected, we will continue to evolve R1 TITAN.

The intention before the birth of R1 TITAN has not changed.
R1 TITAN's materials, manufacturing factories, and craftsmen do not change.

With all car lovers who love R1 TITAN.

We thank all the people involved in R1TITAN and continue to evolve.

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