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A dream full titanium muffler that combines ideal sound and visuals,
surprising lightness and corrosion resistance, improved output,
and improved driving performance.


R1TITAN is one of the longest-established titanium muffler brands. R1 TITAN with all pipes polished, not just silencers and tail ends like no other. The R1 TITAN series is born as a product after confirming the special design that has been calculated and the reliable output improvement.

The weight reduction, which is about half the weight of the normal muffler to one sixth, makes you feel a certain improvement in performance. In addition, titanium, which has almost 100% resistance to salt water, does not rust even in areas where snowmelt materials are used.

Not only for lightness, but also for high-power vehicles and engines with increased thermal efficiency, high-rigidity titanium alloy STTI is used to improve durability.

In addition, in order to obtain the title of true full titanium muffler, R1 TITAN is a combination of titanium bolts and titanium nuts for the attached special gasket and the titanium gasket with 3 pieces, and the special bolt and nut for flange connection.

And R1 TITAN, which is manufactured one by one by hand, can specify the color of the tail end in order to meet the customer's request as much as possible.

A tail with hardened tail end B tail with hardened tail end
and scotch tail with hairline finish

This is the reason why R1 TITAN has been loved for many years by customers who have installed it.


Why R1 TITAN is chosen



Your own R1 TITAN muffler customized according to your wishes


For example, in order to prepare the most suitable muffler for the customer's tuning stage, we also accept special specifications to meet the demands such as main pipe to 70Φ-80Φ and silencer inner pipe diameter to 50Φ-60Φ.

 We also accept requests such as using a straight pipe for the sub-silencer part exclusively for closed courses.

 In addition, the silencer has a full scotch finish without burning, a dedicated titanium boss can be attached for an additional sensor, and the tail can be extended for an external bumper.

Further updates of R1 TITAN that can only be done by hand.
I would like to help each customer create a drama.

* Except when it is impossible to manufacture on a jig or when it is physically impossible.

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