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Your own R1 TITAN muffler customized according to your wishes

Handmade by skilled workers
Made in Japan reliable quality for your car


It has been 20 years since we have been making R1 TITAN mufflers. Each one is handmade by a skilled worker who has faced the material of titanium for many years and understood it. In order to obtain the optimum ground clearance, the optimum silencer position, the optimum pipe diameter, the optimum power and torque, and the best sound quality, we repeat the actual measurement test and the sensitivity test, and first make a special jig. 


A jig is a manufacturing type that is necessary for manufacturing together with a design drawing, and we perform accurate material matching and welding in millimeters on the jig.

R1TITAN is an aggregate of titanium, but it is composed in a complicated manner and is built up through a long process. Optimal welding process is required to make the material durable, and skilled workers also perform perfect backshielding inside the pipe to create a product that maintains its strength.

And most importantly. Skilled workers in the manufacturing factory = Meister and engineers who make each part love R1 TITAN. Rather than repeating the assembly line indiscriminately, we are truly proud to build each one.

The supreme one made with all your heart. The pride of the world's best engineers is included.


For example, in order to prepare the most suitable muffler for the customer's tuning stage, we also accept special specifications to meet the demands such as main pipe to 70Φ-80Φ and silencer inner pipe diameter to 50Φ-60Φ.

 We also accept requests such as using a straight pipe for the sub-silencer part exclusively for closed courses.

 In addition, the silencer has a full scotch finish without burning, a dedicated titanium boss can be attached for an additional sensor, and the tail can be extended for an external bumper.

Further updates of R1 TITAN that can only be done by hand.
I would like to help each customer create a drama.

* Except when it is impossible to manufacture on a jig or when it is physically impossible.

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